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  Laura Edwards-Johnson             Rosette Irish Setters             

Bruce & Mary Foote                  Vermillion Irish Setters         


Magge & Wayne Ford                Herihunda Irish Setters         


Pat Kenwell                               Runfree Irish Setters            


Shea Swanson                           Casshea Irish Setters             

Jeanine Wilson                         Sunrunner Irish Setters         



The breeders listed above all subscribe to the


Irish Setter Club of America's

Breeder Principles of Integritiy


1. Comply with all American Kennel Club rules and regulations.


2. Maintain a high standard of health, care and cleanliness for our dogs.


3. Act in a sportsmanlike manner and not deliberately degrade other exhibitors/breeders or their dogs.


4. Make every effort to learn about the structure, anatomy, action,   behavior and other inheritable traits of the Irish Setter. To use this information to adhere to the breed standard and produce sound, healthy dogs with good temperament.


5. To use or give service only to registered stock that is believed to be free of serious abnormalities which are considered inheritable.


6. To provide a written contract/agreement for each sale or service which includes all special conditions related to the sale.


7. Provide each buyer with accurate records regarding health and pedigree for the Irish Setter being purchased.


8. Truthfully and realistically represent the Irish Setter being sold in terms of quality, health and genetic history.


9. Refuse to sell to commercial wholesalers, retailers or to research laboratories.

10. When selling an Irish Setter known to manifest hereditary defects considered to be detrimental to the breed, use written contracts or spay/neuter agreements to prevent the dog from being bred.

11.  (Adopted August, 1999) Must agree that if any Irish Setter, on whose papers you are shown as the breeder or co-breeder, should become a part of any breed rescue program, that upon written notification, you will assume financial responsibility for those expenses and assist the Rescue Chair in placing in a suitable home, or assume custody of said Irish Setter.


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