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The Irish Setter Club of Texas supports the Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas when possible.



Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas



As hard as it is to believe given their lovable demeanor and great beauty, many of our red-furred friends need special help from time to time.  And thatís where Irish Setter Rescue comes in.


Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas (ISRNTX) is dedicated to helping Irish Setters in need throughout the area.  Part of a larger national network of IS Rescue groups, ISRNTX provides transportation, safe shelter, food, medical care, loving foster homes, and ultimately, permanent adoption for abandoned, neglected, and abused Irish Setters anywhere within its ability to reach.


Relying on volunteers dedicated to rescuing Irish Setters in harmís way, each year ISRNTX saves dozens of setters that come from animal shelters, are released by owners who can no longer care for them, or are found lost or abandoned.  All dogs that go through the program are spayed/neutered, microchipped, receive appropriate veterinary care, and go into the foster and adoption programs where they begin in a loving home and await their forever families to find them.  You can find listings of dogs currently in our program on  Rescue dogs can make wonderful lifelong companions Ė if youíre thinking about getting an Irish Setter, please consider saving a life by making a rescue dog part of yours.


And of course, Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas canít do what it does without the help of our volunteers and contributors.  If you have time to spare to help out, or space at your home to foster a dog, please contact them through their website.  And if you would like to contribute to the cause, please note that ISRNTX is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) charity.












                                                                            Ranger's Story            













Ranger was found in a shelter in Rowlett TX, within hours of being euthanized.  He had been surrendered to the shelter with a badly shattered hind leg.  Luckily a volunteer dog walker spotted him at the shelter and contacted ISRNTX.  He entered our program and was immediately provided with much-needed medical care, which included surgery on his damaged leg.  During his months of rehabilitation in his foster home, his foster family fell in love with him and ultimately adopted him.  Many years later, Ranger still runs like the wind and is a loyal, loving, and enthusiastic family member.





                                       Casey's Story







Casey was found foraging as a stray north of Allen TX.  Emaciated and lame, he was taken in by a kind soul who contacted ISRNTX.  X-rays subsequently revealed that he had been shot by a rifle, and his hock was badly damaged.   While the early prognoses pointed to amputation, an experimental procedure Ė developed for small children and was pioneered using goats Ė was considered worth the risk.  Casey had to wear a heavy stabilizing brace for several months, but eventually recovered full use of his leg.  He was adopted by a loving home in Memphis TN where he has become part of the family.


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